Injectables: produits de remplissage et de levage pour les peaux plus jeunes - en Turquie

Choisissez un visage plus jeune sans chirurgie: avec des injectables. En Turquie, par exemple, équivalent à la chirurgie plastique telle que l’augmentation mammaire ou la liposuccion.


Traitements rajeunissants de la peau et du visage sans chirurgie

Voulez-vous rajeunir votre peau ou votre visage ou même changer la forme de votre nez sans chirurgie? Alors c’est possible avec les injectables. Les produits injectables tels que les produits de remplissage ou le lifting par fil sont des traitements cosmétiques efficaces qui annulent temporairement les effets du vieillissement. En Turquie également, nous fournissons des traitements avec des injectables, par exemple en combinaison avec la chirurgie plastique que vous subissez déjà.

temporaire mais efficace contre le vieillissement cutané

Les injectables sont des solutions temporaires mais efficaces pour prévenir le vieillissement cutané. Nous offrons à la fois des charges d’acide hyaluronique et de radiesse, mais aussi des câbles élévateurs. Les deux sont efficaces contre les rides, les pattes d’oie et autres signes de vieillissement cutané. Les charges permanentes ne sont pas placées.

Charges: acide hyaluronique et Radiesse

L’acide hyaluronique est un agent de remplissage populaire qui reconstitue l’humidité de la peau, entraînant le retour du volume. Les rides sont littéralement remplies. Radiesse est un autre type de charge et convient mieux aux rides plus profondes ou pour restaurer la perte de volume en stimulant également la production de collagène. Le résultat de ces charges diffère selon la zone traitée mais est généralement de un à un an et demi.

Rhinoplastie avec injectables

Une petite correction du nez, par exemple un soulèvement minimal de la pointe du nez, est possible avec les injectables. Le résultat n’est pas permanent comme avec une rhinoplastie opératoire mais le traitement est donc beaucoup moins stressant. Et si vous en repartez chaque année, l’effet est très constant. D’ailleurs, vous n’avez pas à retourner en Turquie pour ces injectables récurrents; Dans la clinique hollandaise de Hoofddorp, des médecins expérimentés placent des charges et soulèvent le fil pour réaliser des améliorations de la peau et du visage.

Soulever le fil pour les contours serrés de votre cou et de votre visage

Si vous perdez les contours de votre visage et de votre cou, vous aurez bientôt l’air plus vieux. Avec le fil, soulevez votre peau pour que vous ayez l’air plus jeune avec moins de rides. Des fils lâches sont appliqués dans la peau. Alors que les fils se dissolvent, le collagène produit par ce traitement renforce à nouveau la peau. L’effet est comme un lifting, mais sans chirurgie. Le résultat reste généralement visible pendant un an et demi.

Qu’est-ce que le levage par câble ou les charges adaptées à

Le levage de fil convient au visage et au cou. Les agents de remplissage peuvent gérer plusieurs domaines spécifiques tels que:
• joues
• les lèvres
• jambes de joug
• menton
• rides du rire
• quartiers rouges
• Pli de nez-lèvre


Les chirurgiens plasticiens de l’hôpital en Turquie prennent en charge les traitements par injectables en plus des différentes procédures. Si vous êtes déjà ici pour une autre procédure, vous pouvez également opter pour un traitement avec un injectable immédiatement. Ceci est discuté à l’avance avec les médecins de notre clinique aux Pays-Bas. Si vous décidez d’installer les produits injectables et que vous êtes éligible, tous les détails de l’intervention seront transmis aux spécialistes en Turquie. Votre séjour est entièrement fourni par nous pour la procédure pour laquelle vous partez pour la Turquie.

Facelift in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about a facelift in Istanbul, Turkey. The questions are provided with short answers. Do you have additional or other questions after reading the information? Then please contact us.

1. For whom is a facelift suitable?

A facelift is a solution for anyone who has to deal with the effects of natural skin ageing. Skin ageing is also a consequence of exposure to, for example, the different weather influences, stress and smoking. Your skin starts to wrinkle and look older. With the help of a facelift, both the subcutaneous connective tissue, muscles and skin are tightened. Your face will then look more youthful. Most people who have a facelift are between 35 and 70 years old. At a younger age, it is advised to resolve the first signs of ageing with an alternative treatment. Fillers or injectables then offer a great solution.

2. How long does a facelift take?

The exact treatment duration of the procedure differs per person and depends, among other things, on the type of facelift that is performed. The average treatment times are ±

  • Mini-lift or S-lift, 2 hours
  • MACS lift, 2 to 3 hours
  • Full Facelift, 2 to 4 hours
  • Neck lift, 2 to 4 hours

With a combination of several treatments, the treatment time will be longer. This will be explained during the initial interview.

3. Is a facelift painful?

You will not experience any pain from the procedure itself as a result of the anaesthetic. The method of anaesthesia, local, sedation or narcosis, depends on the treatment method chosen. The anaesthesia process, by means of injections, can be perceived as feeling slightly painful or sensitive. After the facelift, and the anaesthetic has worn off, you may experience pain. Your face and/or neck will be painful. If desired, you can use a painkiller. You can also regularly cool the treated area to relieve the pain. The pain will have disappeared after two weeks.

4. What do I look like after a facelift?

In particular, during the first days after the procedure, your face will not be visible as you will be wearing a bandage. Your face will be swollen, your eyes may be closed, and blue and red skin discolouration will be visible. The worst of the swelling and discolouration will have disappeared after two weeks.

5. What can I expect from the recovery period?

The recovery time differs per person and depends on the type of facelift that has been performed on you. Your face will be bound up for the first few days. Due to the swelling and discoloration, you will not feel like doing anything during the first few days. Physical exertion is discouraged in the first week and bending over is also not permitted in the two weeks following the procedure. Heavier efforts such as lifting and carrying are only allowed after a month has passed. Most people who undergo a facelift go back to work after about two weeks, if the work and working conditions allow for this.

6. Do I retain my natural facial expressions?

The purpose of the facelift is to tighten your skin so that your face looks more youthful and rested. You will have the same facial expressions as before the facelift. The risk is that a nerve is damaged during the surgical procedure, so that your facial expressions are no longer as expressive as before. This is why it is always important to choose a plastic surgeon who has demonstrable experience in performing a facelift.

7. Are visible scars left behind?

The plastic surgeon will make the incisions so that they fall into your hairline or skin fold. The scar falls away here later and is hardly visible. It is true that a fresh scar takes 12 to 18 months to fade. As the months pass you will see that the scar takes on the colour of the surrounding skin.

8. Do I no longer have any wrinkles after a facelift?

Parts of the earlier wrinkles become less deep as a result of the facelift. However, a facelift has no direct influence on wrinkling in the neck and/or your forehead. The wrinkles that are present in these places can possibly be treated with a different treatment, a neck lift or a forehead lift. Natural wrinkles that go with your facial expression while laughing and talking still remain visible.

9. How long are the results visible?

The duration in which the effects are visible vary per person. On average you can expect to enjoy 10 to 15 years of good results. The natural ageing process, however, cannot be stopped. Your lifestyle will also influence the duration of the results.

10. Are the costs of a facelift reimbursed by my health insurer?

No, a facelift is a purely cosmetic procedure for which there are no reimbursement options.

11. Can I easily eat and drink after a facelift?

As a result of the procedure you may experience problems and pain with opening and closing your mouth for the first few days. Chewing therefore may feel extra sensitive. It is recommended that you adjust your diet for the first few days and drink through a straw. Choose soft or liquid food.

12. Does smoking affect the result of a facelift?

Yes. Smokers are advised to stop smoking six weeks before the scheduled facelift and to continue refraining from smoking until the skin is fully restored. Smoking has a negative influence on the blood flow to both your body and skin and is not advantageous for recovery. In addition, the risk of secondary bleeding, infections and poor wound healing is greater in smokers.

13. How long before I can swim or sunbathe after a facelift?

Plan a facelift well before or after a sun holiday. After the operation, it is better not to swim or sunbathe for the first six weeks. The heat from the sun can cause swelling and worse, the scars can burn. Protect your skin well against the sun. Starting to swim too early can soften the wounds, so the recovery may take longer than expected.

14. Is a facelift a safe operation?

Yes, provided that the procedure is performed in a suitable environment and by an experienced surgeon, it is a safe treatment with an extremely small chance of complications.

If you have any questions or requests and would like to have direct contact with us, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with more information.

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